Arthritis in Athletes


Arthritis is very common among athletes. Although they are generally healthy, the constant strain on their joints increases the risk of developing arthritis. The most common type of arthritis is Osteoarthritis (OA), which is very prevalent among athletes. It occurs due to the weakening of the cartilage – a tissue that covers the bones' end and acts as a cushion between them. Cartilage can wear away with time. Sometimes, it becomes completely worn out, resulting in bones rubbing against one another. This causes severe pain in joints and leads to many other complications.

There are many definite signs of Arthritis or Osteoarthritis. The most obvious one is constant joint pain. It becomes worse when people overexert their muscles or perform intense workouts.

Another common symptom is feeling stiffness in joints after prolonged inactivity. It usually goes away once you move around; however, most arthritis patients complain about this stiffness in the morning when they wake up.

Whether someone is an athlete or not, consistently experiencing muscle stiffness and pain can make everyday life a struggle. People find themselves in a very difficult situation – they are unable to maintain an active lifestyle, and inactivity makes the problem even worse.

Although athletes are supposed to be fit and healthy, physical activity also has some drawbacks. Torn cartilage or ligamentsbroken bones, and many other problems affect almost every other athlete. Injuries, overuse, and constant stress on joints make physically active people more vulnerable to arthritis. 


What Can People Do? 

There are a few measures that can help you avoid and minimize the risk of developing arthritis. Athletes and physically active individuals should try to balance their physical activity and get proper rest. Moreover, they should maintain a regular intake of essential vitamins and minerals to ensure that their bodies receive a steady supply of nutrients. Constantly engaging in strenuous tasks without providing the body with necessary rest and food can increase such problems. 

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If you are concerned about developing arthritis, make sure you book a quick appointment with the best doctor nearest to you. Get yourself checked and follow-up with a specialized consultation to get ahead of any impending health-related issues.