Nasal congestion refers to the inflammation and swelling in and around the tissues' nose and the blood vessels due to the accumulation of excessive fluids. Congestion tends to cause a feeling of stuffiness and breathing difficulty in the nasal passageway. Sinus congestion is a type that refers to the feeling of stuffiness and fullness in the sinuses. Nasal congestion and sinus congestion can occur together and separately as well. Excess phlegm and mucus develop a feeling of congestion.



Congestion is a very common and prevalent disease all over the world. Various viruses, allergies pertaining to grass, dust, food, pets, etc. are some common causes of nasal congestion. The Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), usually referred to as the common cold, also causes extreme congestion and stuffiness in the nasal passageway. It makes the person feel rather uncomfortable and distressed.
Sinus congestion is slightly more severe than nasal congestion as the feeling of fullness and stuffiness causes the face, eyes, cheeks, and forehead to swell up. In some cases, the person can even feel severe headaches. Nasal congestion and sinus congestion can last up to two weeks.


Nasal congestion and sinus congestion can resolve on its own, but it makes the person feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Doctors tend to prescribe medicines and, at times, anti-biotics, but the congestion takes two weeks regardless to wear off completely. There are a few natural things that can be done to feel relieved and easy during a nasal congestion that are soothing and helps you stay away from the pharmacy.

During nasal congestion, cold or flu one tends to feel extremely dehydrated and dried out. Adding some moisture to the air by using a vaporizer or a humidifier helps in relieving congestion and sinus. The moisture added by the humidifier helps in thinning out the mucus development in the nasal passageway allowing you to breathe easily. All types of humidifiers are effective but it is preferable to use a cool-mist humidifier if you have children around to avoid any accidents. Moreover, please ensure the cleanliness of the humidifier and ensure no bacteria grows in it.

There is no better solution to a nasal congestion and a stuffy nose than drinking warm, hot liquids. Warm soups like chicken noodle and cream, herbal teas like green tea and chamomile tea, hot chocolate etc. can provide significant relief from the symptoms. Drinking a glass of hot water with a hint of lemon and honey before going to bed also ensures a peaceful sleep.

Breathing in steam can be very relaxing. It helps in keeping the mucous membranes in the nasal passageway moist, which helps you in staying comfortable. This remedy is especially useful for people living in colder climate and during winter season. Steam helps to unblock the sinus and relieves the symptoms.


If you want to stay away from prescribed medication but want to get a more natural treatment to make you feel relieved and ease breathing, we suggest you try our Breath Better Chest Rub. It is a balm that is naturally created using natural ingredients like olive, lavender, peppermint and lemon oil along with eucalyptus that have the qualities to relieve the cold and flu symptoms and ease the breathing process. Our Breath Better Chest Rub works like magic and opens up your nasal passageways providing instant relief. Lightly massage the balm on your chest, forehead, cheekbones, your back, temples, and feet and wait for it to work its wonder. It can be applied every 5-15 minutes, depending upon the need. For a peaceful good night's sleep, apply the balm on the sole of your feet, and wear warm socks. Make sure you avoid contact with the balm with the eyes. 

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