About Me


My name is Maimouna Sow, I go by Mouna, and I am the Creator/Founder of KI & I Skincare. I am a mother of three amazing boys, a wife, a natural health expert, an educator and a Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

My Passion

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed by natural health and beauty at a very early age. This was ignited by the fact that I spent the early part of my life in my native Senegal with my parents, who themselves have roots deeply anchored in plant-based remedies.

Beyond being so naturally fond of learning and understanding all aspects of natural health, my parents passed down over to me all the fundamentals needed in order to have a comprehensive understanding of complimentary healthcare, the same way it has been done in my family for generations. I have been passionate about natural healing, the same way it has been since my ancestors all the way to my parents – I (just like my parents and generations before them) have continuously used the natural power of plants in order naturally and safely heal people, the same way generations before me did.

Culture change:

I moved to the United States at an early age, at which point, did I not only experience a deep culture shock, but almost lost touch with just some of the fundamentals of natural healing that I had learned during my time in Senegal. That changed back quickly when we had a close family member here in the US, who gravely ill, and was able to recover because of some of the natural concoctions I made to help with the healing. This became the biggest signal for me to keep and nurture my talent of a natural healer.

Changing Lives:

As I adjusted to my new life in the United States, I was also exposed to a new culture, and a different approach and perception of healthcare. After completing secondary school, I knew that I wanted to major in some of aspect of health in college; I then finished post-secondary school, to become the first woman in my family to obtain a college degree.

My philosophy is that learning never stops; I went on to become a Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, in order to better serve my community. After many years of helping so many people in my community I realized that beyond just serving and helping people in my local community, it was my duty to also share everything that has been passed down to me in terms of natural healing knowledge and creativity.