Healthy Cuticles

Do you want to have healthy fingernails that look fresh and clean? Here are 4 quick ways you can start having healthy-looking cuticles.

1) Do Not Cut Them!

As tempting as it may be to trim them down and clip them, you should refrain from this. The cuticle helps to protect your nail from becoming infected and exposed to germs and bacteria. Alternatively, you should push your cuticles back and just cut off loose skin and hangnails.

2) Preventing Cuticle Damage

Besides clipping and picking at your cuticles, you should also limit the use of individual nail polishes and polish removers. Try using a polish remover that has no acetone in it. If you notice that your cuticle is starting to crack or dry, you can use moisturizers or even Vaseline to bring them back to life!

3) If Your Cuticle Becomes Infected

Firstly, do not panic. Although the word "infection" may sound scary, it is not as bad as it seems. Firstly look for specific symptoms such as redness and swelling. More severe infections can contain puss and drastic changes in your nail color. If it is a minor infection, ensure that you keep your cuticle clean and sanitized and even cover it with a bandage to prevent further bacteria and germs from getting in. If it is a more severe infection case, you will need to talk to your doctor to be prescribed antibiotics. Remembering to keep your cuticles clean in the first place is the best step to remember.

4) Keeping Your Cuticles Healthy

This is more of a general idea to keep them healthy. Of course, always trim your nails regularly and properly. Do not bite, chew, or even peel your nails off. If you would like, use a nail hardener as they are not harsh on the cuticle. Taking supplements to promote nail growth and health is always a plus as well.

5) Visiting Salons

This is the most important of these tips as this can be a bit out of your control. Ensure that the salon you are visiting has the proper qualifications and makes sure that the tools they use appear to be clean and sanitized. If you do not feel comfortable with the salon's tools, you should most definitely leave. After all, you would not want someone else's bacterial infections or even fungal infections. Learning to perform manicures on yourself will not only save you money, but it ensures that you are using sterile and safe tools. It could take a few tries, but you too can get the hang of it with some practice.

All in all, maintaining a healthy nail and cuticle is not super complicated, but it does take some effort. Just keep them clean, follow nail health guides, and try not to pick at them. In no time, you will have beautiful and healthy-looking nails.