Healthy Hair Growth

Taking proper care of your hair is a commitment that requires a lot of dedication and consistency. From environmental factors to hair products to the right diet, you need to look out for several things. Having healthy hair is generally a sign of good overall health and requires you to have excellent hair-care practices.

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What can damage your hair?

Poor hair health is usually a sign of weakening of the cuticle – the outer-most protective layer – or damage to the hair follicle. These conditions could result from a number of factors.

  • Hard brushing wears away the cuticle layer causing it to flake and tear. Without its protection, the inner hair fibers fray out, causing split ends. This is also caused by backcombing and using hair curlers.


  • Harmful products. If you use soap or have ever considered using it instead of shampoo, you need to stop immediately. Even though soap helps remove grease and oils, its alkaline nature roughens up the cuticle, causing hair to look dull. Certain chemicals in hair dyes and hairstyling products cause harmful reactions that damage hair.


  • Too much sunlight can be harmful as the rays weaken the hair structure by breaking down chemical bonds within it. The heat from the Sun also dries up your hair, making it brittle and more prone to damage.


  • Humidity opens up the pores on your scalp and cuticle, making them vulnerable.


  • Poor health means that your body is not receiving essential nutrients for healthy hair growth.

How to ensure healthy hair growth?

Good hair-care practice

Use soft tip brushes and comb lightly to avoid weakening the scalp and cuticle. Wash your hair often, particularly when they start to feel too oily and greasy. Throughout the day, the pores on your scalp get covered in grease and dirt. If left unchecked, it hinders the process of hair growth and results in increased hair fall.

Avoid using your fingers to comb your hair too frequently – it puts unnecessary stress on your hair and may weaken its structure.

Healthy diet

Hair requires a number of nutrients to flourish – vitamin C, D, E, iron, biotin, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients can be found in many foods like almond butter (vitamin E), tangerines (vitamin C), spinach (iron and vitamin D), eggs (biotin), and salmon (omega-3). You must have a proper intake of the required nutrients that promote the health of your hair. It’s essential to be aware of which foods benefit your hair and which are harmful.

Using the right products

Shampoo helps clear out excess oil and dirt, but too much of it can deprive the hair of natural oils produced by the scalp, causing dryness. Additionally, you may use conditioners as they help strengthen the cuticle by adding a smooth, waxy coating to your hair. However, beware of “over-conditioning” – frequent use can make your hair limp as the waxy layers weigh down your hair.

If you use products to style your hair, be vary of the alcohol content. High alcohol content causes dryness. You must use the right products consisting of healthy ingredients that complement the natural oils on your scalp and promote hair growth.

Healthy Growth Stimulation – An all-natural solution

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